We're pleased to present... ourselves! We are the folks who have been putting in the incredible effort required to bring Tales of the Fabulist to you. And, as excited as we are to discuss Tales of the Fabulist, each of us are universal creatives and have a literal backlog of projects we're tinkering with at all times. Connect with us and say hi. Or something funnier. Just include the word Waffles so we know you're on the level.

Team Members


Executive Producer / Co-Founder

A video game developer and designer for over 25 years. When not clacking loudly on his Model M keyboard, Jason posts photos of dinner and drives Stacey a little more crazy, one dad joke at a time.



Director of Operations / Co-Founder

An artist, entrepreneur, and bombshell creative, Stacey is the producer/manager and boots on the ground behind Tales. Her passion for storytelling is only eclipsed by her love of spicy Malbec, dark chocolate, and even darker coffee.



Concept Artist

A concept artist and illustrator, Christiana enjoys creating characters and telling stories through her art. Recently graduated from Gemini School of Visual Arts and works as a freelance artist in Austin.