Where Did Your Name Come From?

Monkey Gun Games is our name and monkeying around is our game. Early on in our relationship I told Jason that I am Deathly allergic to bananas. With that said though, me being the only one with an aversion to the tasty, golden, u-shaped fruit, they sometimes show up in the kitchen. At this point I think it also worth mentioning that Jason is a quite skilled chef. He is constantly coming up with the most spectacular meals out of what seems like thin air to me (I’m not Suzy –homemaker). He really won me over when he made Peaches Foster for me on an early date.

Needless to say, bananas have become kind of a thing in our house. We are always playful and punny and come up with things that inspire us for new cards, games, t-shirts, accessories and so much more. Bananas have become one of the recurring themes among the myriad of ideas.

So, back to the name. One day, we happened to have bananas sitting enticingly in the fruit bowl. I grabbed one and started playfully pretend shooting everyone like I had a double pump-action super soaker. Jason was cooking at the time, and laughingly he exclaimed that it was just like me to “bring a Monkey Gun to a knife fight”. We all roared with laughter, and dinner–making continued.

Fast forward a year. We started getting really serious about publishing one of our game ideas, "Tales of the Fabulist". As we began to put together the compendium of business paperwork required, we realized that it was in our best interest to create an overarching game company for this and all of our additional game ideas. We tried on a metric ton of options, but none of them truly captured who we are, when one night Jason circled back around to the banana idea and Monkey Gun Games was born.